The Life of Duncan

"Personal Purity, Family Unity, Selfless Service"

Major Definite Purpose

Woke up to lots of snow this morning.


I was on the phone this morning with my business coach, Carol Pollack, and I discovered what is referred to in GPN as my Major Definite Purpose. It is “To Serve others and to Teach others” as is referred to in my patriarchal blessing. That’s what gets me moving and shaking! It is my ability to serve and teach others through the tools I have, my piano tuning and musical skills as well as my GPN tools.

I mean just think how someone’s life can be changed by being introduced to scientifically proven skin care, weight loss, and anti aging products, not to mention experiencing a significant increase in their financial bottom line… The amount of service that can be rendered worldwide is incredible!

I tuned for some really neat people today. Hal Tueller in Orem, CEO in North America of Wendia , a software company based in Switzerland. He found my name through a google search amongst a long list of other piano technicians and said my name “jumped out” at him. Turns out Gina and I know his parents (Vern Tueller) from our Grandview ward! He said he will send out an email recommending me to probably 50 people he knows in his ward who have pianos!

I also tuned for his father-in-law, an Emeritus 70 for the LDS church named Hartman Rector (currently 88 yrs old and sharp as a tack). What a neat man. He told me that anything is possible. I said, “You believe that?” He said, “I know that.” And shared with me how when he and Connie were in San Diego as mission presidents, their baptisms went from some small number up to over 6500 in 1 year!

Tonight Gina and I were going to go to the temple together, but on account of the slippery, icy road conditions we just went on a date to Costco and then to Cafe Rio to eat out together. Thanks to Mark & Anna Hill for watching the girls!



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