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Achievement of Goals

It’s been a little while since my last post, but I was on the phone today with a good friend, Nate Towers, and I had an aha!

We have a dream board, as well as a notebook of goals and dreams we have already achieved, and I realized today that I have achieved the biggest, most important goals of my life!  A beautiful wife who loves me for me, two wonderful healthy children, and a beautiful Christ-centered life.  These are all dreams that have come OFF of our dream board.

fam pic 4-2012

I am in deep gratitude for the marvelous blessings we have experienced over the past few years, and even more specifically over the past few months!  Like this vid:

I’ve been blessed with so much, we have everything we need and so much more!  Here’s a big shout out to my parents, and in-laws, for raising Gina and I to have worthy ideals, to strive for the best in ourselves, and to believe and know that we are literal spirit children of loving heavenly parents.

Now for the dreams that are still on our dream board (meaning they exist in the spirit realm, but not yet in the tangible form in our lives).  Well, you’ll have to wait for my next post for more on those!  🙂  For now count YOUR blessings, and remember how merciful God has been in your own life – and take 5 minutes right now to bask in that feeling!

More next time!


“She’s not my sista'”

Charlotte’s dang cute (isn’t that what they say out here in Utah?)

The Red Barn and Our Girls

Last night we went to The Red Barn,our favorite place to enjoy a delicious ice cream treat and get frozen fruit, etc. Chloe had to go potty (twice actually). I went with her the second time. There was a sign on the door that she read (I thought) perfectly! She actually had it memorized (she probably asked Gina what it said and remembered). I intentionally left her out of the video (for obvious reasons) but I had to record her voice – check it out!

p.s. These are just some soooo cute pics of our incredibly cute daughters! Just love em!
Chloe happy after a night of curlers 🙂



The Way Life Is Supposed To Be

Let’s say you just got laid off from your job. What if the reason you got laid off is because a position is waiting for you that will pay you way more than what you were previously making?! Know that if you can imagine it then it already exists somewhere in tangible form and is just waiting for you to “tune into that station”.

[“To change your life, all you have to do is tip the scales by giving 51 percent love through your good thoughts and good feelings. Once you reach the tipping point of giving more love than negativity, the love that comes back to you then multiplies itself by attracting more love through the law of attraction. Suddenly you experience an acceleration and multiplication of good things! Instead of more negative things coming back to you and multiplying, you now have more good things coming back to you and being multiplied in every area of your life. And this is the way your life is supposed to be.”]

Excerpt From: Byrne, Rhonda. “The Power.” Atria Books, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Check out this book on the iBookstore:

Why I Got Out of The Insurance Industry

My last month in the insurance industry (Sept 2012 ) I had a very successful month (bringing in well into the 5 digits of income in that month alone). So why, I have asked myself, did I get out of such a lucrative industry?

For one main reason: I learned that as an entrepreneur I did not function well in such a compliance-driven environment in spite of my strong belief in the people, products and company I represented.

Now, in both my piano business and my networking business, I am able to put those same entrepreneurial energies to work in ways that allow me to

(1) open my imagination wide open,
(2) shoot for my dreams & goals, and
(3) create both physical & mental health and vitality for myself and millions of people around the globe!

Now that is truly exciting!

Please Read This: CLICK HERE

My New Year Creations – 2013

There are two things I am creating in this new year of 2013:

1. I am filled with a sense of love every day for our many blessings; my wife, our girls, our home, our cars, and my incredibly successful piano tuning business! I am so thankful to have this feeling at least 51% of the time!

2. In addition I am so excited to be creating an wonderfully successful channel for distributing the best health, wellness and dietary products on the market, which provides me and my family with both money freedom and time freedom; it is indeed the answer to the question I have had of finding my ideal business (work from anywhere, few to no employees that I’m accountable for, team-work focus, in-demand products, online/worldwide sales, unlimited income potential, service oriented).

Now instead of solely trading time for money and relying upon our own efforts alone (piano tuning business) we are additionally creating a business based on leveraging the efforts of many.

(1) Creating significant ongoing monthly residual income for our family as well as many other families,
(2) Helping people live longer, healthier lives, and feel better all along the way, and
(3) Teaching entrepreneurs how to achieve their own goals and dreams creating more time and money freedom.

In essence it our perfect setup – piano tuning and network building!


Take a minute to ask yourself this following crucial question:

“If I could create my ideal business, what would it look like?” What kinds of characteristics would it have?

(This is a little bit like making a list of what you want in your ideal husband or wife, and then watching it come true. Gina and I have done this in our relationship and it worked, and we love creating the same results in our business world as well!)

So here goes:

~ Would you own this business or would you rather work for a business owned by someone else?
~ Would you have employees? If so, how many?
~ Would you want to have business partners? How many?
~ What kind of people would you want to work with? What kinds of characteristics would they have?
~ Would you want this business to be focused on a local market, or would you want it to have the ability to serve a worldwide market?
~ Would it be based on products and/or services that are consumables, or a rather a one-time purchase?
~ Would you want these products or services be available for purchase on the internet?
~ How much money would you want this business to make? $3k/mo, $30k/mo, $300k/mo, $3M/mo?
~ Would you want it to have an income ceiling?
~ Would you want the business’ income to be dependent on you being there?

I feel it is important to ask yourself this last question because there are numerous occupations that allow professionals to make a very significant income ($500k-$1M+) per year, but that income is dependent upon their own expertise and ability to do the work. Some examples of these are physicians, dentists, attorneys and high ranking company executives to name a few. In most cases they put in a minimum of 50-60 hours work per week, and in many cases 80+ hrs/wk. This is time that, in many cases, they would rather be spending with family, serving in the community, or just simply relaxing.

Let’s be clear: I for one am grateful for the individuals who choose to take this path. Your careers are incredibly needful and valuable! I’m simply suggesting that most people either want (1) more money, (2) more free time, or (3) both, and if I had my pick, I’d create a career that allowed me to have both. Wouldn’t you?

So write down your answers, and see where inspiration takes you!

We’re looking to expand our distribution channel, so if you want to learn how to add some very significant income to your bottom line without compromising what you’re currently doing, I’d love to talk and interview you to see if what we have would be a fit for you!
[call Duncan at 801-808-770]

p.s. Here’s our little snow angel (Chloe!)

snowangel chloe

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