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Spinet String Repair

Spinet pianos are, for most technicians, the most difficult pianos to work on.  This is largely a result of the action design being what’s referred to as a “drop action” where the majority of the action parts are lower than the back of the keys as opposed to being above the back of the keys.

Here’s what a “normal” upright piano action looks like:

upright action diagram upright action picIn contrast here’s what a spinet action looks like (keep in mind everything you’re seeing here is BELOW the back of the keys):

spinet action pic spinet action diagram

When a string breaks on an upright piano you can quickly remove the action and repair or replace the broken string.  On a spinet, however, because of the “drop action” it is much more time consuming to remove the action, hence the entire repair is more complex.  For most spinet string repairs you’re just going to leave the action in as you replace the string.

Fortunately, in this case, I was able to find a comfortable position as I was replacing a broken treble string on Bonnie’s spinet in Lehi, Utah.  (picture courtesy of Bonnie Lapray, Lehi, UT)  p.s. Thanks for making my job as pleasant as possible, Bonnie! IMAG0332 IMAG0331


Rock and Iribus (sp?)

These are the names of Chloe’s two new fish.


S__5761She’s pretty happy – she loves fish and birds (Her scarlet macaw is also named Erebus (Iribus, Iribis (sp.?)  – I’m not quite sure where she got the name – but we’re quite certain she doesn’t associate it with the god of darkness as it says in Wikipedia!

Here’s a family portrait Chloe drew:

Notice the haircut she gave me - HA!!!!!  So cool
Notice the haircut she gave me – HA!!!!! So cool

And I had to get this picture of Charlotte:

3 1/2 years old (wiping smoothie off her lips)
3 1/2 years old (wiping smoothie off her lips)

These are times that are never to be re-lived – except through photos – what precious girls and precious times!

Scout Up Diamond Fork Canyon

We had a fun time today in Diamond Fork Canyon with the Webelos and 11-yr old scouts.  We cooked chili from scratch (thanks Brother Huntsman, Brother Rasmussen and Brother Blackham!), had hot chocolate, and the boys played capture the flag.

The pics just show the snow and stuff – sorry no pics of the boys…or the chili!





Later on I went to the first “Brain On Mastermind” group meeting with Google PPC campaign pro and long time friend, Trent Jessee, where we watched part II of Atlas Shrugged.  Then home with Gina – what a great life!

Chloe’s 5th “Bird-day”

IMAG0309We can hardly believe we have a 5 year old!! It’s amazing, and we’re so proud of Chloe! She’s learning French, as well as she has an affinity for birds – her favorite is the Scarlet Macaw, hence the Scarlet Macaw stuffed animal. Amazing!





We had the celebration at Chuck E Cheese on Friday (2/22/13)

Food, Glorious Food!

Gina’s delicious…I mean mmmm mmmm, food. What a wonder!




Fun later on with the girls…




Nice House in Midway!

IMAG0251 IMAG0249

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