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What’s The Big Deal? It’s JUST My Next Car…

Cars Cars Cars…what is a car about anyway? Is it just about getting from point A to point B, or is it about how it looks and feels?  Aren’t both things important?  They are to me!

I’ve got a lot going on right now about this whole car question.  So here’s the update for those who don’t know.

I crashed my car on Friday 7/19/13, just a week and a half ago.  It was my fault, but my car was totaled.

Here’s my car pre-accident:

1 car 2 car

And here’s my car post-accident:

Civic crashed 1 Civic crashed 2

Civic crashed 3

bye bye “Daddy’s beautiful black car”….(tears…smiles…tears…more smiles…)

Fortunately I was alone in my car coming home from a piano tuning.  Unfortunately (maybe?) I got distracted and rear-ended the guy in front of me who then hit the lady in front of him – one of those chain reactions.

Nobody (thank goodness!) was hurt, and I had comprehensive coverage so I’ll get a net 2,100 (the car was worth about $2600, deductible $500 = 2100).  Plus insurance is paying for my rental car that looks something like this:

kia optima lx

Pretty nice car – a lot nicer than my original car, and in a way I can honestly say that I probably, subconsciously, wanted and caused the car wreck to happen – totally subconsciously.

So but the question now is what do I do?  To buy a car or not, and if so, how much to spend?  What kind to get?  Do I get another simple point A to B car, or do I buy something that I also really get excited by?  How does one determine a budget for buying a car, especially when you’re self-employed and income is not necessarily totally predictable?

I’ve gone from wanting a 2013 BMW 328xi (sweet car – love the look and feel just not the price tag ($48k after options/tax):


to wanting a Hyundai Genesis.  Vacation on Wheels for sure, brings back memories of travelling in ME last year for Grammy Grace’s funeral , but it has RWD, and is a little too mature looking for me…oh and $22+ thousand dollars…:

2010 Hyundai Genesis

to a Kia Optima SX T GDI (very nice looking, fun to drive, sporty, youthful, FWD, great gas mileage, good consumer ratings, but I’m looking at $23k+ which is a lot of money to me right now…:

to an 2005 Audi A6 Quattro 3.2L (very beautiful car, AWD!, $11,999, within my 10-15k imagined budget, large, it has a lot of space to go on road trips etc., but I’m concerned about the cost of repairs in the next 1-3 years and beyond…:

to another point A to B car like this Honda Accord (a little nicer and lower miles than what I had, can almost pay cash for straight up, and will last long time, but doesn’t necessarily get me excited…:

2001 Honda Accord

2001 Honda Accord

period.  Breathe…

At this point I’m very much inclined to take the money and pay back my $2k small business loan (from my awesome brother), reduce costs, eliminate all other debts, focus on making money through piano service, live with one car, maybe even use my side of the garage to buy cheap pianos, fix them up, and flip them for a profit, and through these means save up cash to buy a good used car (like the Audi!!)….(um I mean another Honda Civic……(ZZZZZZ…..)

So what is my dream car at this point?  Probably the Audi above, but even more so my dream is to get totally out of debt, and never return…temper my wants and desires, work hard, keep God’s commandments, pay my tithing, and be extremely blessed beyond my most wildest  dreams (that’s correct grammar, right?).

Wow…they say a car is your second most valuable investment next to a house – this is taking a lot out of me!….I’m sure it’s not going to MAKE me any money per se, I’m just trying to waste the least amount of money and get a great value in return – 1. Luxury 2. Fun 3. Utility 4. Affordability…that’s my combination.

Lead me, Guide me, Walk beside me, Help me find the way…


I Am a Child of God

Today I began my contract with BYU to begin servicing 270 pianos campus wide, including the MTC, Wilkinson Center, Student Housing and more.

Tonight we had family home evening after I had an opportunity to go give a couple blessings to some women in our neighborhood.  It feels good to be good and do good.

I love my girls.

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