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A Message of Hope: Living In Recovery From an Addiction to Pornography

I had a revelation this morning: The Early Bird really does Get The Worm. What’s the worm to the early bird? It’s daily food and nourishment. This is a daily process for the bird. He can’t store a bunch worms I the fridge. He gets to go out and get them every day. We too, like the bird, have been blessed with daily nourishment (rent, food, utilities, transportation, and slightly more) for the past 10 months. Slowly we are becoming financially self-reliant. Thank you God.

I got to present to a BYU Elders Quorum (Bishop Dave Smith, next door neighbor) about my daily journey of hope recovering from an addiction to pornography. It was an inspiring meeting; had many people come up to me afterward saying how helpful and healing it was to hear me speak so candidly and openly about my journey, and the specifics. It’s not easy to get this stuff out in public, but the healing that takes place when you do is incredible. I feel powerful in the Spirit as a result of sharing my story. My weakness is truly become a strength.

This was my view this afternoon as I was in a sponsoring call (1-on1 phone support with another addict in recovery) around 4:40pm (Riverside Golf Course):



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