The Life of Duncan

"Personal Purity, Family Unity, Selfless Service"

Another car crash?!

You gotta be kidding me? Yeah, but this time it wasn’t my fault…really! Read the report:


And here are the pics of the car that hit me. It turned out to be a Nissan Pathfinder, the same car that I had noticed driving too slow and drifting earlier:


And my car (The trunk doesn’t latch anymore, and that’s where I keep all of my piano tuning tools.)


Dropping it off at the shop ($1,516 repair estimate!) (We’ll see if it’s a total loss or not…hope not):


My rental car (Ford Escape) after transferring all my tools for work:


The I went to Vinny’s to work on the New England piano:

(Then the head on my tuning lever stripped!… So I went ahead and order new one ($50+) but I’ll have to figure out what to do about my 3 private tunings tomorrow….maybe hopefully borrow or rent a tuning lever from BYU Piano Shop…)

Evening time drive over the Alpine Loop:




And dinner at Cafe Rio (we still had about $100 left in our food budget and it’s already the 24th! Cool.
Nick Hanks, my home teaching companion, and I had a visit with the Delgadillo’s tonight.

Then afterwords Gina and I received a phone call from someone from Dave Smith’s ward, who had some questions about my recovery from from my addiction to pornography. It was really neat because Gina and I got to talk together and both share our points of view with this wonderful young man. We spent about an hour and 20 minutes answering his questions and sharing our stories. It was really cool! Afterwords Gina said that we should going to public speaking circuit sharing our message of hope and recovery! Good stuff!


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