The Life of Duncan

"Personal Purity, Family Unity, Selfless Service"

Daddy Daughter Time & Mountain Biking up Big Springs

Charlotte’s drawing of our family:


Chloe’s drawing of an M&M:


Chloe sitting on the sand at the park next to a sand drawing of herself:


Charlotte sitting on the sand at the park next to a leaf and pine needle sculpture of “Daddy”:


I had a ton of fun mountain biking up the big Springs Trail (Vivian Park) with the young men of our ward, specifically the teachers and the priests (Alex, Joao, Flo, Nick, Kaden and Thomas, along with Mike Murphy and myself as leaders).

Before starting:


Part way up the trail there was snow! (Here is Thomas F):


Mike, Nick, Kaden, Thomas and I made it to the top of the trail up to Big Springs Campground. The other guys turned around fairly early on. One of them had never been on a mountain bike before, and all three of them had fairly old mountain bikes.

Uphill was fun, but downhill was even funner :-). Here we are at the bottom of the trail:




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