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Bob Bailey – 90 years of playing, & Burger Supreme

(Here’s a VIDEO of Bob Bailey playing after I tuned his Yamaha C7 today.  He said, “I love it!”)

(and then my phone died at the very end of this video…that’s why it kind of cuts off.  But awesome playing, eh?  He does classical too, but is truly a natural at jazz…)

He’s playing a concert at Brigham Larson Pianos on January 17. Click here for more information.



Tonight, after tuning six pianos, we went to Burger Supreme in our jammies/sweats! (me and the girls), and paid with Gina and my combined coin savings from our cash food budget over the past month or two! That feels good :).



Sometimes I can be a real dufus and treat Gina, my very own wife, like a little kid. I can be controlling and mean…that doesn’t feel good. Thank goodness for repentance, and for a forgiving wife.

p.s. I found a nice comfortable place to sit and work on my schedule on campus. It’s in the McKay building on the second floor, north end of the building:



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