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Jeggings, Spandex and The BYU Dress and Grooming Standards

Today was a particularly difficult day as I became easily distracted by all the “jeggings” and leggings being worn around campus. This is definitely a trend that is pervasive on BYU campus, and probably across Utah and beyond. Frankly I believe it is a reflection of the lack of awareness on the part of the young women walking across campus wearing what seems like is practically nothing while still being fully clothed. Do women not realize the already tough time that most men have to keep their thoughts clean as they are surrounded by so many beautiful daughters of God? I’m sure they do not, and it is to this end that I share my opinion on this controversial matter.

Some might say, “Men should just control the way they think! I can dress the way I want to.” And indeed there is truth to this. We should be able to control better what we think, and you are certainly free to dress the way you want to. However for a certain population, that is probably larger than we’d like to admit, our minds have been filled (indeed we have filled our own minds) with lewd and salacious imagery for so long, and at such high intensity, that it is hard, even seemingly impossible, to remove those images from our minds. And when we view women wearing form-fitting clothing, The natural response is to view them in a way that objectifies them. Sadly enough this is how an addict’s mind is wired. For many of us it is our chief goal and aim to rewire our minds through the Power of the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. But it is a process and there are practical things that can be done to assist us in this process.

To the women of the Church: there is something you can do to help us. Yes, this is a plea for help! Please consider in the morning, as you choose your dress, the effect on others of what you are deciding to wear. If you need an example of beautiful and modest dress please talk to my wife! She is an incredible example of beauty and modesty.

I’m not quite sure why there has been such a great deviation from the BYU Dress and Grooming Standards? There it states clearly that “Clothing is inappropriate when it is…form fitting.” (But then again I guess “jeggings” and skin-tight spandex covered by nothing more than an untucked, button-down shirt are not “form-fitting”…Breathe…)

I found myself one-on-one with a piano in the Varsity Theater (Wilkinson Student Center), and lots of distracting thoughts floating around in my head. As I was deciding “Do I stay or do I go?” I noticed out of the corner of my eye, something on the wall: the Emergency Evacuation Plan.


It was then that I realized that each one of us has to have a plan of escape for when Satan is throwing his fiery darts straight at us.

In that moment my plan of escape was (1) to call one of my 12 step buddies, in this case it was Cameron W, and then (2) to leave. To simply drop what I was doing and go home (and in my case take a nap.) The change of scenery was refreshing, and a short nap was indeed what I needed.

Perhaps, just like Joseph of old, we sometimes must run away from temptation as if our life depended on it! Because in many cases it surely does!

This is a picture of a poster that was hanging in the RB where I was tuning yesterday morning at 7 AM:


I agree.


P.S. I took this after tuning in the Tanner building this morning:


P.P.S. Lastly, I got a parking ticket on campus (yesterday?). I brought it into the traffic office in person and it turned out to be one of the biggest blessings of the year. They reversed the charge, and also recommended that I get a service pass, which is an all inclusive privileged parking pass on campus. They told me the process to acquire that parking privilege, and in the meantime gave me full parking privileges on campus through December 15!

The following sign was on the wall of the receptionist (named Cindy):

So very true!
And very lastly :/

(thanks Lorraine at Dr. Lowry’s office :-))


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