The Life of Duncan

"Personal Purity, Family Unity, Selfless Service"


The first miracle today was being able to solve a “clicking key” problem that had existed on Jeff Wilks piano for the entire two years he has owned it. Needless to say he was very excited, and so was I.


The second miracle that occurred today, and I don’t have a picture of it, was that I was interviewed by a group of five or six students from a psychology class at BYU regarding my path to recovering from a pornography addiction. Jamie Rhoten was the key interviewer. They got the entire interview on video, and I am very excited to get my hands on that! When I do I will make sure to post it so everyone can watch it and share. It is very very inspiring!

My best bud Max Estes sent me a picture of the L.L. Bean parka that he found for me. 20 bucks! Thanks a million, Max!

Gina and I attended the PTG Christmas dinner/white elephant gift exchange tonight at the Chuck-A-Rama in Orem. I really enjoy associating with that group of people. Hyrum Weibel, Brigham Larson, Vince Mrykalo, etc. in talking with Brigham I am beginning to realize that I truly am primarily of the mindset of a business owner/entrepreneur versus being primarily the mindset of a W-2 employee with a “safe, secure job”. Based on how things are going right now, and how we project them to go in the future, I believe that our income potential by maintaining a self-employed status could be far greater than getting a job, even a full-time university position, if it would be offered to us in the future.

For now we will keep on plugging away building our business and having a lot of fun.


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