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Dropping One of my “Sponsorees ” / Business

When do you know that It’s time to end a relationship? Of course this question applies to romantic relationships, and even marital relationships. But in this particular instance I’m talking about ending a relationship with someone that I sponsor in the 12-step PASG program. That’s a tough nut to swallow…

Well it came to a point in one particular relationship where I knew I had to cut ties. Suffice it to say that I did it, I had the hard conversation, and I feel supported in the Spirit by my decision. In other words I feel free… Thank you God, for supporting me and inspiring to me to make hard decisions.

On another note, Gina and I went to a Christmas party tonight and talked with a wonderful man in our ward, Jeff Rust. He shared with us his story of starting with nothing and beginning to build a scalable business. About opening offices in California, Arizona, Idaho etc. It turns out that he also knows Nick Greer. I told Jeff how Nick had told me that my current business model is not scalable. How although at first I took this to be hard, tonight I realized with the help of Gina, that this reality does not mean that I have not been successful. As a matter of fact we have achieved all of our business goals and are continuing to expand and achieve bigger and bigger business goals right within my piano tuning business.

Most importantly I did not set out, when I first started my piano tuning business, to build a “scalable business”. My initial intention was #1 to be my own boss, #2 to manage my own schedule, and #3 to make more money. In truth we have accomplished all three of those goals, and are truly beginning to exceed our initial expectations.

I am so thankful for the mentors in my life! Jeff Rust, Nick Greer, Brigham Larson, Ben Fisher and my wife, Gina, just to name a few… I feel like I am becoming more and more of who I want to be as time goes on. I know that it is primarily because of my desire and my daily conviction, followed by my daily actions, to keep the Commandments of God.


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