The Life of Duncan

"Personal Purity, Family Unity, Selfless Service"

Father’s and Son’s 1 of 2

“Falling down is part of life. Getting backup is living.”


We (Nick, Kaden and I) left Provo around 4pm when it was 83 degrees out.  Very beautiful and warm.  When we got to Nix Canyon the temp had dropped 20 degrees, and it was still daytime!  Nightime hit probably in the upper 30s.  Chilly – but no rain and it was just beautiful!

Father’s and Son’s campout at the Owen’s ranch:

Owen's Ranch map






Stephen Mongie, Sr. telling us about missionary stories from his daughters’ missions.  Very cool.image

Dean Roberts teaching us about an Eben-ezer.  He challenged us to each pick out our own Eben-ezer (rock) from the Owen’s ranch and write today’s date on it as a reminder to say our personal prayers morning and night.  I found my Eben-ezer.  🙂image


4 am…(about 38 degrees, needed to take a little break…too much soda :))  Beautiful, bright, full moon…image


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