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Broken Splices

One of the most discouraging things that can happen during a piano service call is spending the time doing a perfect splice just to have it break again as you’re pulling the string back up to pitch.  

That was the case today on a newer Yamaha P22 on BYU Campus.

I sort of photo-logged the 3 stages so I could go back and explain what happened:

Broken string discovered by my technician, Kevin Schuwer.  Notice the break right up in the coil probably right around where the beckett was:


There was plenty of room at the top of the string so I decided that splicing would be the best repair.

Turned out perfectly…and I needed to raise the tension by just another 5 cents or so…then…POP! Again! Uuuugh

So I had to figure out which string broke: my spliced in section, or the original string? I had to take a picture just to prove what I found (and to validate my own skills too!)

The original wire broke again ūüôā

Not sure what to do exactly, except order a new string and install that one…it will work perfectly when I do that, but it won’t be cheap to do…

More later.


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