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Dinner @ the Wilkinson’s

Well we had a really fun time tonight spending time with Cameron, Monica (Q), Ethan (E), Milla, Sadie, Chloe (Coco), Emma, & Zac Wilkinson (the creators/founders of Family Fun Bucks.  We ate yummy food (homemade fish tacos with all the fixins), water, lemonade, nachos, etc.

And we also played two fun games: telephone, and Telestrations – hahaha!  So much fun.

Here are a couple pics of the group just to capture some of the good mems:

kids on the blanket the group chloe & kitty charlotte emma & kitty Zac2015-07-26 20.23.59



Harley Davidson Sportster 1200

Thanks to Jordan Trotter for trusting me and offering to let me take his sweet bike for a ride!



Also fun times eating at Milagros with Chris Clifford and the Hanks Bros.!


Best Night Ever!

Said the girls when we put our new queen sized air mattress on top of their bed!  Hey if that gets them totally into bed by 7:55 on a summer night, then I’m all for it 😉

best night ever!

Chloe’s 7-yr old Creativity

Sending a card to MaMere in Maine (she even put the flag up – all without us even knowing!)


Her own original poem:

“Boxy Doxy had a moxy eating in her food.
One time the other day she said he may, then he was awful rude.”


Lastly, her egg carton sail boat:


Watch “Gina rockin out to Shawn Cassidy!” on YouTube


“The wise person possesses humility. He knows that the small island of knowledge is surrounded by a vast sea of the unknown.”

~ Harold C. Chase


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