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Super Sabbath

Some great Sunday activities.   Namely making slime…





…and having a mountain picnic at the summit of the Alpine Loop (8060 ft. elevation):




Bunnell’s New Home

Painting the girls’ room at Kevin and Nancy’s new home on Oakleaf in North Salt Lake:


Stock Market 1/2 Yearly Sale

Stock market panic always results in irrational selling behavior, even for people who are decades away from retirement.

When Nordstrom has a half yearly sale, we rush in and load up. But when the stock market has its half yearly sale, we try to give all of our stocks back at a huge discount during the sale and wait until prices come back to where they were so we can buy them when the sale is over. Go figure.

Reese Harper

Careless About the Truth

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”

Albert Einstein


Cool inside piano pic

Ben’s BDAY Dinner

Yamato Japanese Restaurant
Ben Fisher n me to celebrate his recent 39th birthday.



Fingernail Polishing for FHE

The girls had fun with this Family Home Evening activity – I let them paint my fingernails!

daddys fingernail polish

(Unfortunately the paint peeled off from my fingernails the next morning…oh well…I was hoping I could show it off to my tuning clients as the ultimate cool daddy thing…guess it wasn’t in the cards!)

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