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Chloe’s Last Day of 2nd Grade

She’s not too happy about school ending – this girl LOVES school!!

Chloes last day of 2nd grade


Sunday Tent Dinner

We got the calendar out during dinner and made plans for 3 camping trips this summer, one each month (June, July & August).  That means we’ll also need to upgrade to a 6-person tent (from this 4-person) in order to accommodate two queen sized air mattresses, sleeping bags, etc.  We are excited to enjoy the outdoors all together!!

Sunday tent dinner

Family Walk @ BYU

This is a beautiful walkway with waterfalls and foliage on the SW side of BYU Campus.  You can get here by parking just E of Brick Oven Pizza (S of the Tennis Courts) and walking up the stairs to the path.  See the panoramic below to get an orientation of how to get here:

day at byu 9

day at byu 2

day at byu 1

Watching a duck family…where’s the daddy?

day at byu 7

day at byu 3

day at byu 4

day at byu 5

day at byu 6

day at byu 8

day at byu 10

day at byu 13

day at byu 11

Getting a little tired of photos…

day at byu 12

day at byu 14

So we went inside the Maeser Building and the girls got a taste of University classrooms…pretty exciting…(not much different than Elementary School classrooms except less colorful….)  Miss Charlotte is the teacher today!  🙂

day at byu 15

Fun times hanging as a family at BYU – we’re blessed to live in Provo, UT!


Well I d-eclair!

We have been on a quest to find the best eclair in world! …(starting in Utah 🙂 )  It’s one of our few guilty pleasures since adopting a Whole Foods Plant Based diet back in November.

We have purchased and eaten eclairs from all of the places in the list below, and have ranked them in order from best to worst.  (Note: I doubt if there is really a disgusting eclair…but I mean if we’re going to waste calories somewhere we want to spend them on the BEST things – not just mediocre, right?)

So here are our rankings, so far:

  1. Harmons Grocery Store

    Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.30.26 PM

    Pic from Google images

  2. The Mighty Baker

    TMB eclair

    Gina took this original picture today (5/10/16)

  3. Provo Bakery
  4. Boulangerie (Eva’s Bakery)
  5. Kneaders
  6. Days
  7. Shirleys
  8. Bianca’s (I was the only one that partook of this one, but it still wasn’t memorable…)

Harmon’s is at the top of our list, but we’ll say it is followed closely by The Mighty Baker.  All the other contestants so far straggle behind at quite a distance.

Chloé’s learning cell phone photography








Chloe’s favorite






I actually took this one but I had to throw it in because it was so cute


Gina took this selfie

Grand Piano Plate Decor


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