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Edgemont Fund Run 2016


Unforgettable Charlotte…

Cute Girls, canes…

The Quintessence

of life…FAMILY. 

Home of Duncan 

My appointments started at 12pm today, so I took advantage of the time and went on a long walk through Pleasant View with Gina.  On our walk we saw these two houses, both within a 10th of a mile!  

Enter creepy coincidence music?…🎵 Do do do do, do do do do 🎶   Haha!

Family Fun Pics

Mountain Top picnic

Coming into Autumn time in the Utah Rockies at 8,060 ft. above sea level.

Painting Furniture 

Gina got the girls new bedside tables/dressers and we painted them together.  Ikea 3-drawer “Rast

Bike Riding Queens!

Okay so Chloe learned to ride a bike (no training wheels) yesterday and Charlotte learned today! 

(Notice Chloe’s new bike – now no more fighting over who’s going to go riding next!)

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