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Edgemont Elementary Principal Dr. Finch as TIGGER!


Big Boy Toys

Helping Parker out on his Woodland lot (and having lots of fun doing it!)

The girls also had a blast riding their bikes at the Woodland Ward building with Ember (even Charlotte got on and rode around a bunch!)

Make your own Naan bread pizzas for dinner.  I think Shizuka’s took the prize.

Midway – Susan Kohler’s Cabin

So nice of our neighbor to have us up to her cabin for a night. 



Goats at Zermatt:

And of course Deer In The Headlights!


Charlotte is 7!


I took Charlotte on a DDD (Daddy Daughter Date) to Joe’s Café.

Garden Box Idea

Pat Parkinson, Lehi

Conference Weekend Oct 2016


Gina bought this brand new Townie on KSL for $200!  (retail  $600)  

Dreams really do come true . 

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