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Day After Christmas Fun

At Marrcrest Park


WHITE Christmas! 

There was no snow on the ground yesterday, and now?  Wow!

A Little Christmas Eve Fun

Gina’s beautiful homemade stockings!

Charlie Brown Christmas


I had Tani reschedule all of my appointments today and tomorrow  (8 total).  Stayed home and tried to rest. 

Played in the Kate Stitt Glad Tidings Christmas Celebration tonight though. 

Isaac Hurtado is amazing

Okay lastly, cute picture of Charlotte with Zebbie inside her leotard  (that she wore to bed last night).


Charlotte in the family office 

Maine Wool, Hand Crocheted Stockings!

Love my Gina!

Daddy and Girls 

Ian Hepworth’s Baptism 

The girls had a blast staying at the Marriott in Rexburg, ID.



Eating breakfast

Dream breakfast – Fruit Loops and Chupa Chus

Kissy Vienna!

Shizuka UPB concert, St. Ambrose Church

Bigelow opus 36

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