The Life of Duncan

"Personal Purity, Family Unity, Selfless Service"

Molly’s Birthday Party 

Chloe holding Belle


Fathers and Sons Campout 

Mike & Vickie Murphy Midway Cabin 

Cool Grass on a Warm Spring Day

Charlotte, Brooklyn, Chloe

Charlotte’s pretty new nails!

She purchased these with her own money!

Charlotte’s pretty bow

Chloe’s work on Mommy’s hair

Chloe’s Creative Watermelon Acronym 

Family Photo Shoot

Thanks to Bridger Jensen, friend and neighbor! (Although the three of these photos I took from my Samsung Galaxy S5…) He’s got some mo’betta ones coming.


Escalante Day 3 – coming home

Tomatoes in Marysvale, UT
Really good lunch!!

We loved it – the girls included! Had a great time

Escalante Day 2

Down a deep hole….

Through tight spaces

desert flora

so cool

Chloe carving in the sandstone rocks

running – almost done!

triumphantly making it back to the parking lot

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