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Whole Foods Plant Based Diet – New Life

We embarked on a new lifestyle on Saturday 11/1/15 ever since learning about WFPB Diet from Russell Sorensen.  We’ve cut out sugar, meat, dairy and eggs.  I have eczema on my hands (which I think may be healed through proper diet), and a few extra pounds (like 20+!) around my waist!  And I’m sick and tired of not fitting into or looking good in my clothes!

And Gina is as on board as I am!  We’re doing it together – that’s what’s great about it.

So just for the record here’s my before pic at at fine 197 lbs:


My first target is 175 lbs (my weight when we got married) – got approximately 20-25 lbs to go.  No problem.  It really feels like not just a fad, but a change that’s here to stay.  Love it on day 4.  Feels way better than eating sugar and meat.  Today I got a veggie sandwich from Subway for lunch (not meat, no cheese, no mayonnaise, not even salt or pepper!)


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