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The Easter Bunny

The girls were sooo excited for Easter this morning. Charlotte has a cough, but slept pretty well (yay!). We’ll go to church and then to Grammy & Papa’s in Pleasant Grove to celebrate the Resurrection of the Savior.

Now let’s see if the Easter Bunny brought anything this morning for the girls…


Popcorn Bowl(s…)

IMAG0502Here is what I found under my bed today…what?  It wasn’t me!  Course not, who would eat that many bowls of popcorn in a week?…phf…not me…


Just have to say, this is a pretty sweet Jeep...!

Just have to say, this is a pretty sweet Jeep…!

After my tuning in the morning I was able to take a break and meet the girls (Gina included) at the Hobby Lobby – this place is seriously like the Wal-Mart of Hobbies.

And some cute pics of the girls:

Beautiful Chloe with her new feather

Beautiful Chloe with her new feather

Charlotte, Princess of the leopards (and soo cute :))

Charlotte, Princess of the leopards (and soo cute :))

2014 Mazda 6

At Tim Dahle Mazda in Murray.  I like this car…quite a bit!  And it’s almost 1/2 the price of the BMW 328xi.



5 Mile Pass

(sorry not sure why my audio cuts out 1/2 way through, I was just saying that one day if/when I get a dirtbike (…:) :)) it’ll be fun to take it out at places like this.


Gina’s B Day

Love of my Life! 42 yrs young (tomorrow) 🙂




Carillon Tour with Friends

Back in 2000-2002 I was a carilloneur on BYU Campus under Dr. Don Cook. It’s been ten years + since I’ve played the carillon, but have maintained a great friendship with Dr. Cook. Today I was able to “organ”ize (no pun intended ;)) a tour of the Bell Tower (Carillon) and invite a couple friends, McKay Bowcut and his g-friend (Heidi), and our friends Trent and Marcie Jessee and their 4 kids, Shaylie, Truman, Marilee and the kiddo….name’ll come to me!

the biggest bell

The Biggest Bell – 2.5 tons!

campus from the carillon

campus from the carillon

sunset from the carillon

sunset from the carillon

Chloe playing Follow the Prophet!

Chloe playing Follow the Prophet!

Charlotte playing I Am a Child of God!

Charlotte playing I Am a Child of God!

Don Cook, my teacher and friend

Don Cook, my teacher and friend

Then we went to Cold Stone for ice cream with the Jessee’s. And no, we didn’t go to the BYU Creamery – Cold Stone ice cream is way better in our joint opinion!

It sure is fun to get together with friends to create value, spend time together and have fun!

Daddy Daughter Date

Love these things, you know, spending time with the girls, Chloe and Charlotte!  We went to the park (by the Spanish Fork Library), then to the Krishna Temple (see pics of the live Macaw below…don’t get too close; they bite):

IMAG0370Then we went to then we went to the Red Barn to get ice cream and apple  juice for our smoothies.

At six we had some friends over.  Ben is my missionary companion with the ARP (LDS 12-step program).  Very fun couple!  Bethany has a contagious laugh! LOL!!  (literally out loud!)


Ben and Bethany Fisher

They brought their Sugar Glider, Penny, which Chloe loved (even though it ended up peeing on her arm.)

chloe with Penny the sugar glider

pee on arm

notice line of pee on her arm 🙂

Quite a fun night – and my first time eating Beets and Chevre (goat cheese) salad!  – I had like 3 or 4  of these things :).  Gina made some delicious thin crust pizzas – very good! (sorry didn’t get any pics of those!)

Beets and Chevre (goat cheese)

Beets and Chevre (goat cheese)

Next time at their house to try some of their gourmet cooking.  Fun to get to know new friends.

Wendy’s or Bagel and a Yogurt?

Lunch today; what to eat what to eat?

If you were faced with the decision to:

1. pay $0.99 for a Wendy’s value burger (and free frosty), or

2. a bagel, greek yogurt, and orange (total cost $2 and change)

which would you pick?

Below you’ll see which one I picked, and felt great!

bagel, yogurt, orange

Life is good…and simple

Sitting here on the bed next to Gina.  We just watched Monk (our almost nightly viewing ;)).  We’re feeling blessed for our tuning business of 10 years.  Grateful to have Trent Jessee as my internet marketing Guru creating and managing my Google Pay Per Click campaign for my new website (

In short, we’re blessed.

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