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Some of my delicious, and simple, food I made when Gina and the girls were in Maine!

Ben  (Fisher) taught me how to make the spring rolls. 


Maine Trip for the Girls!

We decided on a whim to send Gina and the girls to Maine to keep Mom (Mamère) company.  I think they had some fun….11 days!

I had fun too and ate some good food…

…but glad to have them back!

Norfolk Day #5, Last Day 

Last day at Norfolk PTG Convention. 

Morning run:

Evening golden hammer banquet, vegetarian dinner, yummy! 

I’m really glad I went, for all the good technical information, but also for the comraderie.  Vince, Milton and I on an evening walk.  Milton tunes at Adam Ondi Ahman!

Norfolk Benny Damato’s Pizza

Went to this place 3 or 4 times 🙂

Massive thin crust pizza for $5/slice.

Norfolk Day 1

5:00 am: Ben Fisher picked me up to shuttle me to the SLC airport.

8:07 pm: I took this picture just after departure from LaGuardia.

8:54 pm ​Just landed in Norfolk (3 hrs late).  There’s rain and also apparently lightning (☺) so we’ll be here on the tarmac until further notice. 

Shared a room with Duane McGuire.  Lots of fun and great conversations!

Camping Trip #2

Mirror Lake Hwy, Mile Marker #18!

River RIGHT next to the campsite:

Dionne Warwick – Heartbreaker

Gina said, “I LOVE this song! It just takes me back to my childhood…the shiny lip gloss…growing up…I mean I was probably Chloe’s age when this song came out (8)…I don’t know why that song has just got me feeling something….just good memories!” 🙂

I get to tune for her show tomorrow at the Rose Wagner Theater. 


At Kent & Nanette Baker’s house (Provo Temple Recorder).

Temple Primary Pics 

Crazy Hair Day

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